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carpet cleaning martinez ga

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Our Mission

Looking for the best carpet cleaning Martinez, GA has to offer? Look no further! Here at Chem-Dry of CSRA our plan is to provide you with a clean and healthy home. We do this by supplying the best quality services for your home or business. Our innovative techniques are worthwhile to your carpet as well as your wallet. We pride ourselves in giving our customers the driest, cleanest, healthiest home they can possess here in Martinez, GA.

Driest Carpet Cleaning Martinez GA

Other carpet cleaners dump a lot of water and yucky chemicals in your carpet. Then you are left with a tacky mess that takes days to dry! Bacteria and grime prosper under the carpets, but with Chem-Dry of CSRA they don’t stand a chance. Our methods reveal to be more advantageous, and don’t require as much perspiration, or dry-time. In fact, with our innovative process your carpet will be dry within just 1-2 hours! Trust Chem-Dry of CSRA's services to see a fantastic clean, without the moist mess.

Cleanest Carpet Cleaning Martinez GA

Chem-Dry of CSRA naturally deep cleans your carpet excluding the gallons of soapy water or tough substances that other cleaning approaches depend on. We utilize an all natural, crystal-clear carbonation solution that leaves behind no dirt attracting residue. We use this carbonation solution to go through deep into your carpet to take outunwelcomedirt from individual fibers and elevate them to the surface where they can effortlessly be taken out with hot water. In the long run you will actually save money with Chem-Dry because you won't have to clean your carpets as often. Other than making your carpets look like new, we scrub to last, so call at this time to feel the Chem-Dry of CSRA clean in Martinez, GA!

Healthiest Carpet Cleaning Martinez GA 

Chem-Dry of CSRA facilitates a healthier wash on two levels: first, our services are risk-free for your entire family and second, by using far less water we are helping to overcome mold and mildew increase in and under your rugs and carpets. We really feel we deliver our customers in Martinez, GA with the healthiestalternative in carpet cleaning services. Choose Chem-Dry of CSRA for a better carpet cleaning and a more secure, rejuvenated home that the whole family can remember.

carpet cleaning martinez ga

 Chem-Dry of CSRA proudly serves the following areas:

Aiken, SC | North Augusta, SC | Graniteville, SC | Langley, SC | Clearwater, SC | Bath, SC | Gloverville, SC | Evans, GA | Martinez, GA | Grovetown, GA | Augusta, GA | Hepzibah, GA


Chem-Dry of CSRA vs. Steam Cleaning Martinez GA

Most people don't realize that all carpet cleaners in Martinez, GA don't do the same quality job. In fact, there is a big difference between Chem-Dry of CSRA and the competition. For example, steam cleaners in Martinez, GA will dump so much water into your carpet. This will leave your carpet wet and sticky for many days. However, Chem-Dry of CSRA takes advantage of their revolutionary equipment and methods that cut the dry time in half. Your carpets will be dry in about 1-2 hours, and they won't have the sticky residue steam cleaners leave behind. Going with Chem-Dry of CSRA is the only way to get your carpet cleaned done the right way!

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Chem-Dry of CSRA Combats Allergens in Your Home

Those of you who have allergies can testify how much of a burdon they can be. It seems like you can't even go into your home without being pestered by the symptoms of allergies. The reason for that could be that you haven't had your carpets professionally cleaned in awhile. While most people don't know this, allergens can thrive in carpets. Luckily for you, though, Chem-Dry of CSRA in Martinez, GA is a trained carpet cleaner. A study was performed on Chem-Dry's Hot Carbonating Extraction (HCE) method. This study, performed by an independent laboratory, showed that Chem-Dry gets rid of 98% of allergens from all carpet and upholstery. You can't beat that! Give Chem-Dry of CSRA to see how much they can impact your family's health today!

Save Money with Chem-Dry of CSRA

Chem-Dry of CSRA offers high quality carpet cleaning - without breaking the bank. There are always several specials running. In fact, below are some of the current carpet cleaning specials that are currently being offered.

carpet cleaning martinez ga carpet cleaning martinez ga

carpet cleaning martinez ga

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Your Satisfaction is Our Guarantee

Lacy A. Says...


"We love Chem-Dry of CSRA! With two large dogs and family, my upholstered furniture gets pretty dirty. Chem-Dry cleans that as well when they come to clean my carpets. Food spots and dirt....goodbye! Another benefit with Chem-Dry is the carpets and furniture dry very quickly. Also they sell a great spot cleaner we keep on hand for those in between uh-oh's!"

Kristina A. Says...


 "We LOVE Chem-Dry of CSRA!!! We use them a few times a year and always have a great experience! Their staff is very friendly and does a great job!!"

Seth H. Says...


 "The service the Chem-Dry crew gave was outstanding. Scheduling is easy, pricing is fair, and the quality of the work is excellent. I highly recommend Chem-Dry of CSRA to anyone who needs their carpets cleaned."

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Before and After Chem-Dry of CSRA

Getting your carpets cleaned can make a significant difference on the appearance, and health, of your home. Experience these results in your home today by giving Chem-Dry of CSRA in Martinez, GA.

carpet cleaning martinez ga

Carpet Cleaning Martinez GA Tips

  • Place area rugs in high traffic areas in your home. By doing this, the rugs will prevent wear and tear on your carpet on a normal day to day basis. 
  • Request that guests take off their shoes upon entering your home. Shoes come in contact with all sorts of debris while walking around. Don't let them be transferred to your carpets.
  • Vaccuum at least weekly. This helps rid your carpet of the nasty particles accumulating in your carpet.
  • If you do encounter a stain, blot it with lukewarm water immediately to prevent it from sinking into the carpet pad. Use a cloth towel for blotting.
  • Call Chem-Dry of CSRA! The best carpet cleaner Martinez, GA has to offer! 

carpet cleaning martinez ga carpet cleaning martinez ga carpet cleaning martinez ga 

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